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24 Mar

We are family!

For years I’ve been trying to encourage my Father to come up to Somerset to live. Part of it is undeniably selfish. I would like to return some of the selflessness he has given to his family. In addition since my son, Flynn has no grandmothers living, it’s important there is a connection with what has gone before.

But most importantly there is humour in how we exist. What I didn’t anticipate, however, is my father’s competitive spirit. On Wednesday I invited him to play golf with our Society. This he did. After insisting he’d lost his edge and would struggle to hit the ball, I suggested a handicap commensurate with his age and fitness level. 24!

He won! Took the money, 10 years off his age and gained a glint in his eye that leaves him to be reckoned with. Flynn is seeing him in a different light which is just as well; as Dad’s age reduces so Flynn’s is growing. One day, they may meet in the middle, which is where I would hope to be.