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5 May

Precious time…

An extraordinary day. Perspective sometimes is everything. To wake knowing a life has ended yet the first step of forever is beckoning, is a conundrum. The strength to embrace the future when, who you are is shaped by the life slipping away, is a real challenge…or is it? Tears of joy, tears of unconditional love, tears of sorrow mingle on one face. 

Everyday brings challenges, contradictions and confusion. Processing the day is an art unique to us all. I resign myself to having no real solutions but the ability to make decisions!

Sometimes I just wish there was more time!

It’s a glorious feeling being warmed by the sun.

Our hotel is still open for bookings for essential workers and business guests who cannot work from home.

The Hotel Bar and Restaurant will re-open for non-residents on Thursday 3rd December.

We are still taking bookings for Christmas Celebrations & Christmas Day via email or phone 01935 840447.

We would like to thank you all for your continued support.