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Privacy Notice

In order for us to carry out our everyday business operations we will use and collect data about identifiable individuals including our guests and customers, our past, current, and prospective staff and users of our website. The purpose of this privacy policy is to make it clear to you how we may use your data and what we will do to protect your data.

We will process your personal data when:

  • You book a room, table or function

    We may ask for your name, telephone number, address, email address and credit/debit card details in order to book and confirm a reservation for you. We may ask for ages of any children to best address their needs. We may also ask for details such as dietary needs or medical needs, or for details of a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary in order to make preparations for your visit and to more suitably accommodate your needs and preferences. If you are booking on behalf of a company we may ask for the company details and your colleague’s details if you are making a reservation on their behalf. These details help us to ensure we know who is staying with us, who is responsible for payment and who to send invoices to.
    – Lawful basis for collecting this data: contract
    – This data will be stored securely until the reservation has taken place and full payment has been received

  • You make a payment or request a refund

    If you make a payment or request a refund using a payment card then we may ask for the name, card number, expiry date and cvc code in order to process the payment or refund.
    – Lawful basis for collecting this data: contract
    – We will not store details for payments made immediately. When card details are given to secure a booking for a room or function then they will be securely stored on our system until the payment has been made and the event/stay has taken place.

  • We need to verify your age

    We are legally required to ensure we do not sell alcohol to anyone under the age of 18. To do this we will ask for formal identification from anyone who looks younger than 21 before selling alcohol to them.
    – Lawful basis for collecting this data: Legal obligation
    – This information will not be stored

  • You submit a query, compliment or complaint

    We will ask for your name and preferred contact details in order to respond to your query, compliment or complaint and may ask for further details regarding your stay or event in order to respond appropriately.
    – Lawful basis for collecting this data: Legitimate Interest
    – This information will only be stored until the communication has been dealt with accordingly.

  • You sign up for direct marketing from us

    If you visit us or our website or contact us directly you may be asked if you would like to join a mailing list to keep up to date with events and news from the Northover team. We may ask for your name and contact details, and further information such as your interests and reasons for staying with us. We will only send you marketing in line with any marketing list you have opted in to. We may use your data to personalise any marketing we send to you and all marketing will have clear opt out instructions included.
    – Lawful basis for collecting this data: Consent
    – This information will be securely stored until you opt out of any marketing lists you have opted into.

  • You use our website

    We collect data about visits to our websites using cookies. These are small text files which allow us to run, monitor and optimize our website. You can view our full cookies policy at the bottom of this page.
    – Lawful basis for collecting this data: Legitimate Interest
    – Cookies are routinely deleted every few weeks as part of our website maintenance.

  • If you access our social media pages

    We collect data via social media sites using the systems those sites have in place (e.g. we can see who likes a post on Facebook, and we can see the demographics of our followers). We use this user data to target marketing on the sites and to learn about our followers to post more engaging and interesting content. You can adjust the settings on your own accounts for these sites to change what data you share on those sites. When you send us a message or post or comment on one of our pages we will be able to see certain data (like your username) that we will use to respond accordingly.
    – Lawful basis for collecting this data: Legitimate Interest
    – This information is stored via the social media sites for as long as your account is active and your settings allow it. We do not store information from our social media sites on any other platform or in any other medium.

  • You enter any of our competitions

    When you enter one of our competitions we will ask for contact details including your name and may also ask for further information relevant to the prize or completion (for example if the prize is alcohol we would need to verify your age for legal purposes).
    – Lawful basis for collecting this data: Contract/Consent
    – This information will be securely stored until the competition has taken place and the winner has received the prize.

  • You participate in guest surveys

    We may ask for personal data in guest surveys which allow us to identify you in regards to your comments. We will never contact you based on a survey unless you give your consent. If we intend to use your personal data for anything else (e.g. to be entered into a prize draw) we will state so in the survey.
    – Lawful basis for collecting this data: Consent
    – This information will be securely stored until the survey has achieved its intended purpose.

  • We record promotional photos, video or audio

    Any recording of promotional material will only be done after we have made guests aware of our intentions. General notices will be displayed and any guests recorded in an identifiable manner will be approached for their explicit consent. If consent is not given the recordings in question will be deleted. If you do not wish to be in any promotional material (for example in the background or in a crowd) then please make staff aware.
    – Lawful basis for collecting this data: Legitimate Interest
    – This information will be securely stored until it is no longer relevant or until you make us aware that you would like it to be deleted.

  • An accident occurs

    In order to give the best care possible following the unfortunate event of an accident we may need to ask for details that relate to the accident such as existing health problems. We will also ask for your contact details and for details of the accident, as well as details of any treatment you receive from a member of staff, for our records. We may use this information (excluding any identifiable data) for staff training and accident prevention purposes.
    – Lawful basis for collecting this data: Legal Obligation/Legitimate Interest
    – This data will be securely stored for as long as we are required to keep records of accidents.

  • We impose a ban on you visiting the premises

    We will only impose a ban in response to serious anti-social, dangerous or criminal behaviour that threatens our staff, customers or property. If this is the case we will keep details such as your name, photo and any other data needed to identify you in order for us to record an enforce the ban in a legal manner.
    – Lawful basis for collecting this data: Legitimate Interest
    – This data will be kept for as long as the ban is being enforced.

  • You work for us

    If you work for us you will be able to see our policy in the staff handbook. If you have worked for us in the past or are a prospective employee you can contact us to ask for a copy.
    – Lawful basis for collecting this data: Contract
    – This data will be collected for as long as your contract with us and for as long as is legally required after the contract ends.

If you have any queries about our privacy policy please contact us at

Northover Manor Hotel
BA22 8LD
01935 840 447

All data that we keep will be securely stored. Hard copies will be kept locked away and both hard and digital copies will be only accessible to staff members trained in the necessary data protection procedures. Associated financial records will be kept in accordance with current legal requirements regarding tax records etc. We work with an IT technician to keep any digital information securely stored on our computer systems to prevent breaches. Data is only shared within our company and with trusted staff members in order to help us give customers the best experience. No data is shared outside the company.

Website Privacy Statement & How we use Cookies

You should not submit any sensitive or private information through this website except through acknowledged secure areas. The owners of this website accept no responsibility for data submitted through insecure areas of this website.
We may use technology to track the patterns of behaviour of visitors to our site. This can include using a “cookie” which would be stored on your browser. You can usually modify your browser to prevent this happening. However, by disabling cookies, you may hinder your user experience on this and other websites.
Please note that some cookies may be placed by third party service providers who perform some of these functions (or other services) for us.
As is true with most websites, our server will automatically log data regarding each visit such as your IP address, browser type, referring/exit pages, and operating system. We may use this information to monitor server errors, server administration or to monitor visitor behaviour.
This privacy policy applies to this website only and does not apply to any websites that this website may link to.

Cookies are very small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit some websites.
We use cookies to help identify your computer so we can tailor your user experience, track shopping basket contents and remember where you are in the order process.
You can disable any cookies already stored on your computer, but these may stop our website from functioning properly.

The following is strictly necessary in the operation of our website.

This Website Will:

  • Remember where you are in the reservation process
  • Make sure that your session is secure.

The following are not Strictly Necessary, but are required to provide you with the best user experience and also to tell us which pages you find most interesting (anonymously).

Functional Cookies:

This Website Will:

  • Track the pages you visits via Google Analytics (This is for statistics and is anonymous of user details)

Targeting Cookies:

This Website Will:

  • Allow you to share pages with social networks such as Facebook (If available)
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To view the ‘Add This’ Privacy Policy or to opt out of any online behavioural advertising, please visit Add This and click on the ‘Opt Out’ button.

This website will not

  • Share any personal information with third parties.